Editorial Services

Naomi provides thoughtful developmental feedback on your writing to assist you in realizing your artistic goals. She approaches editing creatively and intuitively, listening closely to your writing in order to understand its heart, your voice, and to see the possibilities contained within. She has thirteen years of professional editing experience as an editor for literary magazines, academic publications, and for students and writers of all skill levels.

Services include

  • A careful read of your manuscript
  • A detailed revision letter, including ideas and resources for continued exploration and growth
  • Two rounds of follow up questions via email
    • Naomi doesn’t typically offer copy editing or extensive line editing as part of her developmental services but will offer insight into consistent errors and strategies for strengthening line-level composition.
    • If you are looking for a writing coach to guide you through the process of writing a book, Naomi recommends Laraine Herring, who focuses on helping women over 40 get out of their own way to write the book that’s been calling to them. Her superpowers include: finding the heart of the story, addressing psychological/creative blocks, and story structure. She does not work with fantasy/sci-fi, erotica.

Cost for Naomi’s editorial services

  • Book-length manuscripts, individual essays, or short stories, formatted to typical industry standards for prose: double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman or Arial
  • $3 USD per page

Requesting editorial services

  • Use the contact form to tell Naomi a little about yourself, your manuscript, the genre you’re working in (memoir, speculative memoir, creative nonfiction, literary fiction), your timeline, and what you hope to achieve with professional developmental editing.
  • Prior to taking on a client, Naomi may ask for a writing sample to determine if she’s the best editor for your work. She doesn’t typically work with popular genre fiction such as crime, fantasy, sci fi, horror, romance, erotica, etc.
  • Advance payment is required, invoiced via PayPal.
  • She does not offer refunds.


“As writers, we’re sometimes too close to our own work that we at times miss threads and through lines that can take it to the next level. That’s why an objective editor like Naomi is such a valuable partner. Naomi is a careful reader and what I most appreciated about her approach to my memoir manuscript was that she first made sure to capture what she felt I set out to achieve and where she felt I achieved it. Naomi made sure to honor my intentions and keep my manuscript true to my vision. She then offered fresh, exciting impressions and suggestions that had eluded me in earlier drafts. Her thoughtful, detailed insights made my synapses fire, and I was itching to get back to the page. You won’t regret working with Naomi!” –Ann Kathryn Kelly, Memoirist and CNF Writer