2021 Writing Workshops

The Writers Workshops are for writers who want to focus on a work-in-progress. Course participants should come with a draft of their work they are ready to share for detailed feedback and revision suggestions. Additionally, participants will be asked to provide supportive and challenging feedback to other workshop participants with the goals of helping one another develop insight and build skill. In addition to our weekly review and critique sessions, Naomi will provide readings on craft, writing that fuels inspiration, and writing prompts designed to feed your imagination and dream of new possibilities for your work.

Naomi teaches all Writers Workshop Classes through WOW! Women on Writing.

The Writers Workshop-Creative Nonfiction


The Writers Workshop-Speculative Memoir


The Writers Workshop-Lyric Essay and Prose Poetry

Six weeks: August 30th-October 31st Register here!


“Naomi offers the best of both worlds – she is a talented writer AND a talented teacher, and she is truly committed to helping her students grow. Her choice of reading materials was perfect, an inspirational mix of current pointers and timeless pieces that I have added to my resource book and will referring to frequently. Her writing prompts were creative and thought-provoking and I look forward to tapping into them again and again for fresh material. Her comments on my work were poignant, unusually thoughtful, and her suggestions for improving my work were especially helpful and will extend beyond the two essays I submitted in this workshop. I have taken several online classes before now, from other wonderful teachers, but Naomi ranks among the very best. Her experience, wisdom, and compassion make her a teacher of the first order, and I could not be happier with my experience. She has inspired me in so many ways, and as we speak, I’m already putting her lessons into practice. Thank you, Naomi, and thank you WOW!”

Ashley Memory (previous WOW class participant)

“I’ve taken several classes with Naomi, and I come away each time feeling like a better writer … and a better reader. Naomi is a knowledgeable instructor and skilled writer who deeply understands CNF and leads by example. What most impresses me, besides her writing that includes masterful CNF essays, is Naomi’s thoughtful approach to reading which informs her feedback as well as the discussions she leads in class. Naomi was invested in my workshop submissions, providing observations and suggestions that energized me and helped me see new possibilities. Plus, Naomi is so warm and welcoming, and creates a safe, supportive environment. I highly recommend her classes!”

Ann Kathryn Kelly (previous WOW class participant)